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Formdox Activities Control Result In Operational Performance and Cost Reduction

Formdox Activity Control is an automated system to record hours, control of collection and programming of resources developed to optimize the processes of resource HomeCare HR Employee Management, enabling increases in efficiency that result in operational performance and cost reduction.

The solution makes it extremely easy to control hours of resources for any activity or service, select the right people according to the desired function or competence, record billable and non-billable hours, and compare the expected proceeds in relation to the cost of the activity.
Formdox Control of Activities integrates perfectly with several Formdox solutions, such as: Formdox Project for the monitoring of the hours and collection of projects, Formdox Competence and Formdox Training for HR Management Software of competency requirements and assignment of the correct collaborators in the tasks correct, Formdox Asset for allocation and control of asset use, and other important corporate systems, includ…