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With Formdox roots firmly embedded in software development services, we as a consultancy firm in healthcare industry are constantly embedding new technological transformations to serve patients with our comprehensive and compassionate services. With the home health care software, our intent is to give effective and efficient medical attention accompanied by our partnered agencies. With the objective to provide innocuous working environment and high quality patient care, we only take pride on the services we deliver.

Our offering in E verification of home health employees provides state and federally mandated pre-employment investigation to augment the background checks. Job applicants and even employees sometimes exaggerate with their talents, making misleading statements about their past working experience or lying about their history. To protect our patients and our partnered businesses as well, we offer an E-Verification program that offers employee verification and background checks.

By E verification for home health agencies one can get an employee's criminal history, driving records, previous employment verification, educational details, and verification of professional credentials and workers compensation records. We provide reliable, efficient and over the top screening solutions at affordable pricing options to healthcare agencies and hospice facilities. It reduces HR's administrative load allowing more time to focus on chief competencies and to eliminate the possibilities for any fraud.

Conducting these verification and background check on individuals enables healthcare agencies and we as well feeling more confident in the safety of our patients. We thrive on the aim to ensure employee's data privacy and security by not selling the information to third parties.
Through this web based secured platform any healthcare agency can get an online verification of their employees. So if you're interested in our services, you can may contact us by visiting our website or by contacting us via the phone number.

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