Home health software

There's a rapid growth in innovation in every category but especially in technology. Technological advancement in healthcare is an ever changing aspect in everyone's lives. One innovator in this advancement is “Formdox" and its home health care software which is nurtured to be a part of the health care industry.

This Cheap service of home health care is so efficient and easy to use that every age group of people can use our software and treat their family members. It gives patients different and effective treatment to different diseases due to the fact we part with some great professionals.

For the agencies out there we provide Home care software cost to assist you with compensating employees for the time they worked and also directly draw or deposit paychecks into their bank accounts. Due to this reason more home health agencies are becoming part of this management and are growing day by day under this platform.

Our software is especially work for those caregivers who give home health care. They can consult any one of our agencies and can even directly live video chat through our mobile application. This software is answering calls who the others hesitated and is becoming more customers friendly with every updates. For this trust to become stronger we introduced our new Home care scheduling software. The caregivers and patients can directly get an appointment through our visit planner and forget those days of huge lines just to get an ointment. We serve you directly at your home according to your time preference.

The new Employee management software is for our business family i.e. your agency can perform general HR Management tasks such as employee history, perks, incidents and employee incentives history at just a click. All of this is included in one big package.

So if a caregiver or any agency needs any kind of this software, then do visit our website given below. For more information regarding our services and operations, you can get a scheduled demo from our website as well and don't forget to download our application to book our services.



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