Perceiving Solutions for Healthcare Agencies through Our Homecare Software

Homecare EMR Plus H.R Management

With our easy to use home healthcare software and reliable top notch support, we Formdox are the best possibility for agencies to grow. We are providing robust solutions with our software that allows our clients to streamline their everyday management tasks and help those optimizing internal processes by saving abundant resources in time and money.

In our Homecare EMR Plus H.R Management solutions, the software eliminates paper files and spreadsheets to create more of an enhanced view for the HR to collect general contact data, time off accruals, performance reviews and other important information at a single location accessible at anytime and anywhere. In here the Homecare EMR plus HR Management software maximizes the accuracy of patient information by analyzing, gathering, managing and creating it, as this helps it keeping track of everything and reducing various costs for organizational inefficiencies.

The Homecare Employee Management software is powerful analytical tool for the management to monitor the employee's records, employee's performance, submission and collection of projects, total number of hours worked, payroll, time tracking and attendance management. This Homecare Employee Management Software helps healthcare agencies for analyzing financial and marketing performances of the employees to clinch more savings and to increase the efficiency of the employees. This amalgamation of all these features helps the management in enhancing the overall quality of the firm.

With the Homecare EVV System for Field Staff, it is reducing costs and mitigating frauds for the agencies by its reliable and dependable capture care delivery data in real time services. The EVV system brings in digital verification, automated time and attendance of the caregivers, paperless services and a digital means of recording the type of service and care provided to the patients.

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