The Homecare Software Nurtured for Healthcare Agencies

Homecare EMR Plus H.R Management

We at Formdox follow a culture where healthcare agencies can be supported by the financial, administrative and distant functions of our healthcare software that'll help them operate upon peak efficiency. So this is our cognition, where the mix of our healthcare software and our partnered agencies can help produce an effective and efficient medical attention to the patients.

With our Homecare EMR Plus H.R Management software, it helps the agencies to make an electronic medical record in a systematic collection of the patients or other electronic stored information into more of a digital format. So all the information of a particular individual can be created, gathered, managed, analyzed and consulted by authorized staff with one healthcare organization under this software. In here the HR management can maximize the accuracy of a patient information, can eliminate paper filings , keep everything on track, reduce various other costs and can clear other general administrative inefficiencies.

The Homecare EVV System for Field Staff or in other words the Electronic Visit Verification  Software, helps the agencies to collect and analyze the real time visits, tasks carried out, notes, signatures or the use of custom forms by the field staff. Our EVV system can be carried out by geography based visit verification, mobile time clock application or by phone based visit recording. The caregivers can even collect any information and communicate via the messaging section in the application.

Our area of operations mainly consist of providing ideal support to the agencies by providing our Homecare HR Employee Management Software. To increase the reliability of this product over the industry, the software comes equipped with loads of functions and features to help healthcare agencies create an overall quality management in their firm. The amalgamation to record and analyze data like employee history, employee performance, employee working hours, controlling and allocation of the budget, collection of project, inventory, stock and all sorts of other crucial data helps the HR maintain an overall systematic documentation.

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