The Economical Healthcare Software for the Agencies

HR and payroll software

Formdox is highly configurable and scalable Low cost home healthcare software platform that can manage content, processes and cases, where we can provide unlimited number of solutions through healthcare information technology and simplified applications to enterprise resource planning and human resource management. Our focus is to improve patient outcomes, while providing cost effective solutions through a customer centric healthcare ecosystem.

With our cheap home healthcare software which’s sole purpose is to ensure the viability and longevity healthy life for our clients by providing such software applications that can improve the efficiency of the agencies. We always strive to be the leaders of this industry by constantly innovating and using cutting edge technologies that can drive home health, post-acute cares and hospice the healthcare provider to a much better outcome with our affordable healthcare plans.

In our HR software packages it eliminates the usage of paper files and spreadsheets in the healthcare organizations to create a more streamlined view for the HR to view and maintain event tracking. This HR software for the agencies can track and record contact information, benefits, vacation and sick time of the employees, training and certifications and performance evaluation of the medical technicians or the support staff. It allows the HR manager to improve data management, manage time off accruals, record warning and accidents and more importantly save crucial time to enhance the efficiency of the firm in the industry. The software package also brings planning, reporting and analytics into one financial management system which can help the firm in transitional efficiency and control. All in all it can track ranges of clinical competencies and gains more visibility in employee and staffing information.

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