The H.R. Management Software for Healthcare Agencies

Homecare EVV System for Field staff

We at Formdox know healthcare agencies are being challenged to rigorously improve their service quality, patient experience and increased regulatory compliance. With our HR software for healthcare agencies it improves the quality of patient care, raises productivity in the firm, improves skills and capabilities.  Our focus is to help home care agencies get into business to help their communities.

Our HR software for home health agencies is optimized for health industry and especially tailored for home healthcare to assist an HR of the firm through various inductions in performance reviews, analytics, compliance, reporting, time & attendance and workplace health & safety.

So with the Homecare Management Software it firstly bridges any gap between data and decisions with real time insight into firm’s performance, status and resource requirement. Through the help of audit trials, timesheet reports, workforce snapshot and many more tracking details it will help in uncovering any hidden costs, what needs work and what’s excelling. We know performance reviews are a key element of keeping the employees motivated. With aligning a firm’s objective with the employees through set key performance indicators it will help the HR to regularly track the employee performance.

This HR software also helps employers manage all staff time and attendance according to specific timesheets. For the health safety of the employees our centralized HR software platform will track all details and accidents at the workplace. Lastly we know businesses expand rapidly and it can mean tons of administrative load and a whole lot to policies to put under consideration. So this software can interact with employee contacts, get electronic signatures, set hiring process of new members and can check onboard status of job offers in real time.

So if you’re interested in the features of our Homecare EMR Plus HR Management software and want to further communicate with us regarding it, then you can contact us via our website at:-