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Formdox claims that our Homecare Agency Management Software is a tool that medical organizations can use to build proprietary assistants that enable patient home care interventions. Formdox is a company specializing in Homecare EMR plus H.R Management. We provide an app for connectivity, data analysis, and communication with patients. We hope that care can be carried out in a planned manner. We also give Homecare EVV System for Field staff which is necessary for the business growth.

We all know that there is a clinical care path in the clinical practice of the hospital, that is, a schedule. The table stipulates when the patient should do the examination, treatment and care, and guides the patient to check, medication, treatment, care, diet, activities, etc., so that the nurse's nursing work is no longer a blind mechanical execution of the doctor's advice or waiting for the doctor's instructions. The treatment is carried out for the patient, but the care is carried out in a planned and predictable manner. The patient can also understand the goals of his or her care plan, actively participate in the nursing process, and the two sides promote each other to form a nursing work mode that combines active care with active participation.

Then, if the patient is caring at home, how can the caregiver be systematically intervened and the patient actively participate to achieve the best care effect? Formdox offers their solution – a smart, connected HomeCare HR Employee Management platform .it is a cloud-based platform with a rich set of features and optimized developer tools, so that the platform has both integrity and flexibility, which helps the rapid deployment of the healthcare industry. A valuable connected care solution.
Global healthcare and life sciences companies are trying to improve the quality of care while controlling its costs. With industry recognized track records and independent insights into enterprise transformation, our Technology delivers industry leading unique technology, consulting services and insights to transform operations to meet the care needs of patients.

Our outstanding products and solutions, combined with extensive industry knowledge and global reach, make us the preferred partner for companies, government agencies and industry policy makers in the healthcare and life sciences worldwide.

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