Formdox –Complete Package of Homecare Services

Formdox is a Homecare EMR Plus H.R Management software created to help improve patient outcomes and staff productivity. We integrate various health care modules including clinical, administrative, billing, scheduling, human resources, and reports. The advantage of this is that it can improve on forecasting, ensure compliance, reduce risk, and streamline operations.

We have advanced tools that allow for real-time collaboration and full patient coverage. Clinicians can access notes and vital signs, as well as communicate in real-time with the care team for any medication updates and notifications. The Homecare Agency Management Software also features scheduling tools that enable users to schedule and track visits along with real-time updates and notifications.

We are also a complete Homecare EMR with integrated teaching and medication guides on diagnoses and medications. The Homecare Agency Management Software also features automatic care plan generation from assessments and electronic submission to physicians.

With the help of this software the Users with billing permissions can access the billing center to track claims and remittances, as well as bill insurance payers electronically. We also provide the Built-in compliance and regulatory tools that allow for quality assurance, including a complete analysis and special feature for picking up errors and inconsistencies.

We provide cloud-based software that can be accessed through any mainstream internet browser, due to this reason users can choose to work with the mobile devices that are convenient for them. Unlimited software upgrades and updates are offered as part of the subscription to formdox.

We focused on the care provided to the client in his or her own home environment. Doctor-indicated care is reimbursed by health insurance companies, so it is free for the client. If the doctor does not prescribe the health care, we can provide it for full reimbursement, where the price is determined according to the extent of the medical treatment and the severity of the rabies behind you in the price list.

We take care of people who are lonely, sick and dependent on the help of others, in particular to maintain and promote their health, to return and develop their self-sufficiency, to alleviate the suffering of the incurably ill.

The advantage of us is that we shortens or replaces possible hospital treatment, improves the mental state of patients, contributes to faster wound healing and wound healing, reduces the risk of complications, maintains contact with your family, reduces health care costs as it is cheaper than bedtime in hospital.

Most often we provide the following:

Homecare EVV System for Field staff, health check, preparation and administration of medication, injections, insulin, blood sampling, infusion, blood pressure and pulse measurement, blood glucose test, venous ulceration or other wounds, hygienic care for lying clients, treatment of soreness and soreness, physical and psychological activation of the client, support and training of family members, home hospice care, provision of contacts with doctors.

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