Formdox offers integrated solutions in healthcare services

Formdox Management guarantees valid support both in the ICT field and in key company sectors: administration, management control, human resources, organization, quality and training. We use the most innovative technologies, creating distributed service-oriented applications that comply with modern standards in the healthcare sector.

Our goal is to offer integrated solutions in healthcare services. We operate in both the public and private sectors, comparing ourselves with structures without size limits. We are ready to satisfy every need and to implement models projected towards the size of the Digital Hospital.

Formdox optimizes the entire process chain: from administrative to clinical-health, creating efficiency and increasing productivity and quality of services provided. Formdox is completely web-based and can therefore be used via any browser, even from tablets and smartphones. We are committed to researching the state of the art of technological innovations available on the market, to keep our product always at the forefront.

Formdox is stable and safe: we work carefully on the analysis, design and other development phases that allow us to achieve great operational stability.

We bring together people, systems and processes, enabling more effective data sharing and fostering greater efficiency in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients, with consequent improvement in outcomes and clinical decisions.

Formdox is the second generation native ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) cloud designed specifically for the management of every public and private health facility, projected towards the new horizons of the Digital Hospital. Formdox oversees the digitization of all health and management hospital activities. It guarantees greater efficiency in the provision of services with immediate benefit for patients and a faster and more efficient internal data sharing with consequent reduction in management costs.

Home health care software is modular software that can be configured for each individual structure and guarantees rapid customization by integrating easily and quickly into business processes. It is developed in MVC-3 layer technology (Model, View, Controller), free of regression, which allows ad hoc upgrades, integrations and designs in an easy way and with a fast and safe test phase.

Formdox allows the creation of the so-called Digital Hospital, providing an incredible opportunity for the health sector to significantly improve the quality and safety of patient care and to carry out timely management and administration of health facilities.

The digital system aims to reduce inefficiencies and waste, offering a better environment for both the patient and the staff, ensuring more safety and more health. It also reduces transcription errors and improves the readability and availability of information on patients, eliminating over 70% of the paper used so far and replacing it with electronic records that inevitably contribute to better management of clinical knowledge that leads to investigation strategies ideals with greater patient and healthcare staff satisfaction.

The digital hospital goes beyond the concept of hospital information systems and includes a significant integration between information technologies and medical technologies such as patient beds, surgical equipment, nursing and communication call systems, cell phones, wireless technology, tablet PCs , Pocket PC, medical imaging technologies, etc.

When people, systems and processes are perfectly connected, data sharing is more effective and leads to greater efficiency in diagnosis, treatment and management with consequent improvement in business decisions.


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