Homecare EMR plus H.R management software – All in one substitute for incompetent patient’s diagnosis

Cross over liability of health of your old parents on the Homecare EMR plus H.R management. We develop Electronic Medical Record Software for people unable to come & go to a doctor’s clinic. Our software assists healthcare experts to be more efficient and effectual in their duty and operation. Targeted clients of our products are individual practitioners, homecare organizations and giant hospitals. Another production-line software – homecare EVV system for field staff determines the monitoring of the caregivers subject to timely visit of patients and track down the human actions working in the field. As well as our electronic visit verification system holds the proof of visit at patient’s residence to ensure smooth workflow.

Benefits stretching the worth of our EVV software:

·         Highly complied with caregivers and employers
·         Step-by-step guidance for scheduling and billing of visit
·         Automated system increases your peace of mind
·         System of data entry on paper terminated
·         Cost cutting of agencies on caring of each patient
·         Mobile device friendly software

Distressed in the variety of our automated systems, Homecare HR employee management is mostly for the use by medical practitioner and nurse. It makes the management of caregivers and recruiters too easy to control, sitting inside a closed environment. Your company is provided with application of online caregiver. Put it up on your website then, start the medical journey of curing patients. Everything related to medical terms are made easy to handle and process. Our outline of homecare agency management software has facilitated the approach of the functional system between caregivers and patients. It ensures compliance within the team and strive towards providing the high quality of care and assistance to patients of different age group.  

Our designed and developed Homecare EMR plus H.R management software is no less than a person doing tasks in real life. It keeps the record of all medical proceedings on a digital platform. You will get to see the documents of applicants, their lab reports, test samples and many more anytime, every time & that too within few clicks. Our team-made current version of homecare EVV system for field staff is so advantageous that it points out each negative and positive that occurred while executing a medical action. An option of submitting feedback and complaint by the sick person is also cited in the software which helps in controlling the quality of medical remedy.

We have generated largest number of happy and satisfied customers by distributing Homecare HR employee management software only on affordable rate. Lodging all the information of employees, their leaves, incentives & bonus, working hours, satisfaction criteria and performance percentage are get-at-able to store through this web system. Already installed or to be installed homecare agency management software is not at all struggling form of medical management like our rivals. It has great feature of narrating the exact location of caregiver which is conducted with the help of GPS system enabled in the software. Our homecare EVV system for field staff also filters out the fake caregivers, intentionally trying to steal your details and cause harm to you. All online visual softwares are protected from virus attacks, information theft, medical report adulteration, unnecessary service charges and a lot of other asperities which will increase your headache if exists.


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